This weeks FAQs

Where can i search for a property to buy?
You can register your details for our Priority Buyer Alerts on our website under the 'buy' tab. You can then enter as many specifics you wish (for example: price range how many bedrooms you require) and you will be notified of new listings that match your criteria.
You will also find that the main websites for finding a property to purchase are and

Tenant Applications - How can I be sure that prospective tenants are screened correctly by your agency?
Screening your tenants correctly at the start is one of the most important steps in leasing your property out. If we do the correct checks now, there is far less problems later. If any...
All tenants that are applying for a property through Peter Fitzgerald Real Estate must provide the following information:
- 3 Forms of personal Identification
- Employment payslips
- Employment references
- Current and previous rental references
- Lease documents and rental ledgers
- Bank statements and Centrelink statements
- Personal references
Once this information is received and checked by our property management team, the tenant is then screened through the following two Australia wide tenancy databases.
National Tenancy Database
This residential tenancy check screens the following information:
- Identity Verification: Checks details against government data sources to verify your applicants identity to help protect against identity fraud
- Individual Public Record Search: This reviews details of any bankruptcies, court writs or court judgements your applicant may have
- Tenancy Blacklist Check: Details of blacklisted tenants and tenancy history held on National Tenancy Database
- VISA Verification: Verifies the prospective tenants eligibility to work and live in Australia by validating the authenticity and duration of their VISA
- TICA provides the tenancy history checks when tenants apply for rental properties
- TICA has an Australia wide database that defaulting tenants are listed on, we then have the ability to contact the real estate involved and seek further information if a tenant is found to be listed

What utilities are included when renting a property?
Most rental properties (unless specified) will require the tenant to set up their own electricity and gas account with their own provider. Internet and phone line is also the responsibility of the tenant to organise. However, the tenant will only be charged for water usage if the property has water saving devices.

If you have a question that you would like answered please feel free to email [email protected]